Source code for imaginaire.utils.init_weight

# Copyright (C) 2021 NVIDIA CORPORATION & AFFILIATES.  All rights reserved.
# This work is made available under the Nvidia Source Code License-NC.
# To view a copy of this license, check out
import torch
from torch.nn import init
[docs]def weights_init(init_type='normal', gain=0.02, bias=None): r"""Initialize weights in the network. Args: init_type (str): The name of the initialization scheme. gain (float): The parameter that is required for the initialization scheme. bias (object): If not ``None``, specifies the initialization parameter for bias. Returns: (obj): init function to be applied. """ def init_func(m): r"""Init function Args: m: module to be weight initialized. """ class_name = m.__class__.__name__ if hasattr(m, 'weight') and ( class_name.find('Conv') != -1 or class_name.find('Linear') != -1 or class_name.find('Embedding') != -1): lr_mul = getattr(m, 'lr_mul', 1.) gain_final = gain / lr_mul if init_type == 'normal': init.normal_(, 0.0, gain_final) elif init_type == 'xavier': init.xavier_normal_(, gain=gain_final) elif init_type == 'xavier_uniform': init.xavier_uniform_(, gain=gain_final) elif init_type == 'kaiming': init.kaiming_normal_(, a=0, mode='fan_in') with torch.no_grad(): *= gain_final elif init_type == 'kaiming_linear': init.kaiming_normal_(, a=0, mode='fan_in', nonlinearity='linear' ) with torch.no_grad(): *= gain_final elif init_type == 'orthogonal': init.orthogonal_(, gain=gain_final) elif init_type == 'none': pass # m.reset_parameters() else: raise NotImplementedError( 'initialization method [%s] is ' 'not implemented' % init_type) if hasattr(m, 'bias') and m.bias is not None: if init_type == 'none': pass elif bias is not None: bias_type = getattr(bias, 'type', 'normal') if bias_type == 'normal': bias_gain = getattr(bias, 'gain', 0.5) init.normal_(, 0.0, bias_gain) else: raise NotImplementedError( 'initialization method [%s] is ' 'not implemented' % bias_type) else: init.constant_(, 0.0) return init_func
[docs]def weights_rescale(): def init_func(m): if hasattr(m, 'init_gain'): for name, p in m.named_parameters(): if 'output_scale' not in name: return init_func