Source code for imaginaire.utils.dataset

# Copyright (C) 2021 NVIDIA CORPORATION & AFFILIATES.  All rights reserved.
# This work is made available under the Nvidia Source Code License-NC.
# To view a copy of this license, check out
import importlib
import torch
import torch.distributed as dist
from imaginaire.utils.distributed import master_only_print as print
def _get_train_and_val_dataset_objects(cfg):
    r"""Return dataset objects for the training and validation sets.
        cfg (obj): Global configuration file.
          - train_dataset (obj): PyTorch training dataset object.
          - val_dataset (obj): PyTorch validation dataset object.
    dataset_module = importlib.import_module(
    train_dataset = dataset_module.Dataset(cfg, is_inference=False)
    if hasattr(, 'type'):
        for key in ['type', 'input_types', 'input_image']:
            setattr(, key, getattr(, key))
        dataset_module = importlib.import_module(
    val_dataset = dataset_module.Dataset(cfg, is_inference=True)
    print('Train dataset length:', len(train_dataset))
    print('Val dataset length:', len(val_dataset))
    return train_dataset, val_dataset
def _get_data_loader(cfg, dataset, batch_size, not_distributed=False,
                     shuffle=True, drop_last=True, seed=0):
    r"""Return data loader .
        cfg (obj): Global configuration file.
        dataset (obj): PyTorch dataset object.
        batch_size (int): Batch size.
        not_distributed (bool): Do not use distributed samplers.
        (obj): Data loader.
    not_distributed = not_distributed or not dist.is_initialized()
    if not_distributed:
        sampler = None
        sampler =, seed=seed)
    num_workers = getattr(, 'num_workers', 8)
    persistent_workers = getattr(, 'persistent_workers', False)
    data_loader =
        shuffle=shuffle and (sampler is None),
        persistent_workers=persistent_workers if num_workers > 0 else False
    return data_loader
[docs]def get_train_and_val_dataloader(cfg, seed=0): r"""Return dataset objects for the training and validation sets. Args: cfg (obj): Global configuration file. Returns: (dict): - train_data_loader (obj): Train data loader. - val_data_loader (obj): Val data loader. """ train_dataset, val_dataset = _get_train_and_val_dataset_objects(cfg) train_data_loader = _get_data_loader(cfg, train_dataset,, drop_last=True, seed=seed) not_distributed = getattr(, 'val_data_loader_not_distributed', False) not_distributed = 'video' in or not_distributed val_data_loader = _get_data_loader( cfg, val_dataset,, not_distributed, shuffle=False, drop_last=getattr(, 'drop_last', False), seed=seed) return train_data_loader, val_data_loader
def _get_test_dataset_object(cfg): r"""Return dataset object for the test set Args: cfg (obj): Global configuration file. Returns: (obj): PyTorch dataset object. """ dataset_module = importlib.import_module(cfg.test_data.type) test_dataset = dataset_module.Dataset(cfg, is_inference=True, is_test=True) return test_dataset
[docs]def get_test_dataloader(cfg): r"""Return dataset objects for testing Args: cfg (obj): Global configuration file. Returns: (obj): Val data loader. It may not contain the ground truth. """ test_dataset = _get_test_dataset_object(cfg) not_distributed = getattr( cfg.test_data, 'val_data_loader_not_distributed', False) not_distributed = 'video' in cfg.test_data.type or not_distributed test_data_loader = _get_data_loader( cfg, test_dataset, cfg.test_data.test.batch_size, not_distributed, shuffle=False) return test_data_loader