Source code for imaginaire.losses.feature_matching

# Copyright (C) 2021 NVIDIA CORPORATION & AFFILIATES.  All rights reserved.
# This work is made available under the Nvidia Source Code License-NC.
# To view a copy of this license, check out
import torch.nn as nn
[docs]class FeatureMatchingLoss(nn.Module): r"""Compute feature matching loss""" def __init__(self, criterion='l1'): super(FeatureMatchingLoss, self).__init__() if criterion == 'l1': self.criterion = nn.L1Loss() elif criterion == 'l2' or criterion == 'mse': self.criterion = nn.MSELoss() else: raise ValueError('Criterion %s is not recognized' % criterion)
[docs] def forward(self, fake_features, real_features): r"""Return the target vector for the binary cross entropy loss computation. Args: fake_features (list of lists): Discriminator features of fake images. real_features (list of lists): Discriminator features of real images. Returns: (tensor): Loss value. """ num_d = len(fake_features) dis_weight = 1.0 / num_d loss = fake_features[0][0].new_tensor(0) for i in range(num_d): for j in range(len(fake_features[i])): tmp_loss = self.criterion(fake_features[i][j], real_features[i][j].detach()) loss += dis_weight * tmp_loss return loss