Source code for imaginaire.layers.weight_norm

# Copyright (C) 2021 NVIDIA CORPORATION & AFFILIATES.  All rights reserved.
# This work is made available under the Nvidia Source Code License-NC.
# To view a copy of this license, check out
import collections
import functools
import torch
from torch import nn
from torch.nn.utils import spectral_norm, weight_norm
from torch.nn.utils.spectral_norm import SpectralNorm, \
    SpectralNormStateDictHook, SpectralNormLoadStateDictPreHook
from .conv import LinearBlock
[docs]class WeightDemodulation(nn.Module): r"""Weight demodulation in "Analyzing and Improving the Image Quality of StyleGAN", Karras et al. Args: conv (torch.nn.Modules): Convolutional layer. cond_dims (int): The number of channels in the conditional input. eps (float, optional, default=1e-8): a value added to the denominator for numerical stability. adaptive_bias (bool, optional, default=False): If ``True``, adaptively predicts bias from the conditional input. demod (bool, optional, default=False): If ``True``, performs weight demodulation. """ def __init__(self, conv, cond_dims, eps=1e-8, adaptive_bias=False, demod=True): super().__init__() self.conv = conv self.adaptive_bias = adaptive_bias if adaptive_bias: self.conv.register_parameter('bias', None) self.fc_beta = LinearBlock(cond_dims, self.conv.out_channels) self.fc_gamma = LinearBlock(cond_dims, self.conv.in_channels) self.eps = eps self.demod = demod self.conditional = True
[docs] def forward(self, x, y, **_kwargs): r"""Weight demodulation forward""" b, c, h, w = x.size() self.conv.groups = b gamma = self.fc_gamma(y) gamma = gamma[:, None, :, None, None] weight = self.conv.weight[None, :, :, :, :] * gamma if self.demod: d = torch.rsqrt( (weight ** 2).sum( dim=(2, 3, 4), keepdim=True) + self.eps) weight = weight * d x = x.reshape(1, -1, h, w) _, _, *ws = weight.shape weight = weight.reshape(b * self.conv.out_channels, *ws) x = self.conv._conv_forward(x, weight) x = x.reshape(-1, self.conv.out_channels, h, w) if self.adaptive_bias: x += self.fc_beta(y)[:, :, None, None] return x
[docs]def weight_demod( conv, cond_dims=256, eps=1e-8, adaptive_bias=False, demod=True): r"""Weight demodulation.""" return WeightDemodulation(conv, cond_dims, eps, adaptive_bias, demod)
[docs]class ScaledLR(object): def __init__(self, weight_name, bias_name): self.weight_name = weight_name self.bias_name = bias_name
[docs] def compute_weight(self, module): weight = getattr(module, self.weight_name + '_ori') return weight * module.weight_scale
[docs] def compute_bias(self, module): bias = getattr(module, self.bias_name + '_ori') if bias is not None: return bias * module.bias_scale else: return None
[docs] @staticmethod def apply(module, weight_name, bias_name, lr_mul, equalized): assert weight_name == 'weight' assert bias_name == 'bias' fn = ScaledLR(weight_name, bias_name) module.register_forward_pre_hook(fn) if hasattr(module, bias_name): # module.bias is a parameter (can be None). bias = getattr(module, bias_name) delattr(module, bias_name) module.register_parameter(bias_name + '_ori', bias) else: # module.bias does not exist. bias = None setattr(module, bias_name + '_ori', bias) if bias is not None: setattr(module, bias_name, else: setattr(module, bias_name, None) module.register_buffer('bias_scale', torch.tensor(lr_mul)) if hasattr(module, weight_name + '_orig'): # The module has been wrapped with spectral normalization. # We only want to keep a single weight parameter. weight = getattr(module, weight_name + '_orig') delattr(module, weight_name + '_orig') module.register_parameter(weight_name + '_ori', weight) setattr(module, weight_name + '_orig', # Put this hook before the spectral norm hook. module._forward_pre_hooks = collections.OrderedDict( reversed(list(module._forward_pre_hooks.items())) ) module.use_sn = True else: weight = getattr(module, weight_name) delattr(module, weight_name) module.register_parameter(weight_name + '_ori', weight) setattr(module, weight_name, module.use_sn = False # assert weight.dim() == 4 or weight.dim() == 2 if equalized: fan_in = *[0][0].numel() # Theoretically, the gain should be sqrt(2) instead of 1. # The official StyleGAN2 uses 1 for some reason. module.register_buffer( 'weight_scale', torch.tensor(lr_mul * ((1 / fan_in) ** 0.5)) ) else: module.register_buffer('weight_scale', torch.tensor(lr_mul)) module.lr_mul = module.weight_scale module.base_lr_mul = lr_mul return fn
[docs] def remove(self, module): with torch.no_grad(): weight = self.compute_weight(module) delattr(module, self.weight_name + '_ori') if module.use_sn: setattr(module, self.weight_name + '_orig', weight.detach()) else: delattr(module, self.weight_name) module.register_parameter(self.weight_name, torch.nn.Parameter(weight.detach())) with torch.no_grad(): bias = self.compute_bias(module) delattr(module, self.bias_name) delattr(module, self.bias_name + '_ori') if bias is not None: module.register_parameter(self.bias_name, torch.nn.Parameter(bias.detach())) else: module.register_parameter(self.bias_name, None) module.lr_mul = 1.0 module.base_lr_mul = 1.0
def __call__(self, module, input): weight = self.compute_weight(module) if module.use_sn: # The following spectral norm hook will compute the SN of # "module.weight_orig" and store the normalized weight in # "module.weight". setattr(module, self.weight_name + '_orig', weight) else: setattr(module, self.weight_name, weight) bias = self.compute_bias(module) setattr(module, self.bias_name, bias)
[docs]def remove_weight_norms(module, weight_name='weight', bias_name='bias'): if hasattr(module, 'weight_ori') or hasattr(module, 'weight_orig'): for k in list(module._forward_pre_hooks.keys()): hook = module._forward_pre_hooks[k] if (isinstance(hook, ScaledLR) or isinstance(hook, SpectralNorm)): hook.remove(module) del module._forward_pre_hooks[k] for k, hook in module._state_dict_hooks.items(): if isinstance(hook, SpectralNormStateDictHook) and \ == weight_name: del module._state_dict_hooks[k] break for k, hook in module._load_state_dict_pre_hooks.items(): if isinstance(hook, SpectralNormLoadStateDictPreHook) and \ == weight_name: del module._load_state_dict_pre_hooks[k] break return module
[docs]def remove_equalized_lr(module, weight_name='weight', bias_name='bias'): for k, hook in module._forward_pre_hooks.items(): if isinstance(hook, ScaledLR) and hook.weight_name == weight_name: hook.remove(module) del module._forward_pre_hooks[k] break else: raise ValueError("Equalized learning rate not found") return module
[docs]def scaled_lr( module, weight_name='weight', bias_name='bias', lr_mul=1., equalized=False, ): ScaledLR.apply(module, weight_name, bias_name, lr_mul, equalized) return module
[docs]def get_weight_norm_layer(norm_type, **norm_params): r"""Return weight normalization. Args: norm_type (str): Type of weight normalization. ``'none'``, ``'spectral'``, ``'weight'`` or ``'weight_demod'``. norm_params: Arbitrary keyword arguments that will be used to initialize the weight normalization. """ if norm_type == 'none' or norm_type == '': # no normalization return lambda x: x elif norm_type == 'spectral': # spectral normalization return functools.partial(spectral_norm, **norm_params) elif norm_type == 'weight': # weight normalization return functools.partial(weight_norm, **norm_params) elif norm_type == 'weight_demod': # weight demodulation return functools.partial(weight_demod, **norm_params) elif norm_type == 'equalized_lr': # equalized learning rate return functools.partial(scaled_lr, equalized=True, **norm_params) elif norm_type == 'scaled_lr': # equalized learning rate return functools.partial(scaled_lr, **norm_params) elif norm_type == 'equalized_lr_spectral': lr_mul = norm_params.pop('lr_mul', 1.0) return lambda x: functools.partial( scaled_lr, equalized=True, lr_mul=lr_mul)( functools.partial(spectral_norm, **norm_params)(x) ) elif norm_type == 'scaled_lr_spectral': lr_mul = norm_params.pop('lr_mul', 1.0) return lambda x: functools.partial( scaled_lr, lr_mul=lr_mul)( functools.partial(spectral_norm, **norm_params)(x) ) else: raise ValueError( 'Weight norm layer %s is not recognized' % norm_type)