Source code for imaginaire.discriminators.spade

# Copyright (C) 2021 NVIDIA CORPORATION & AFFILIATES.  All rights reserved.
# This work is made available under the Nvidia Source Code License-NC.
# To view a copy of this license, check out
import torch
import torch.nn as nn
from imaginaire.discriminators.fpse import FPSEDiscriminator
from imaginaire.discriminators.multires_patch import NLayerPatchDiscriminator
from import (get_paired_input_image_channel_number,
from imaginaire.utils.distributed import master_only_print as print
[docs]class Discriminator(nn.Module): r"""Multi-resolution patch discriminator. Args: dis_cfg (obj): Discriminator definition part of the yaml config file. data_cfg (obj): Data definition part of the yaml config file. """ def __init__(self, dis_cfg, data_cfg): super(Discriminator, self).__init__() print('Multi-resolution patch discriminator initialization.') image_channels = getattr(dis_cfg, 'image_channels', None) if image_channels is None: image_channels = get_paired_input_image_channel_number(data_cfg) num_labels = getattr(dis_cfg, 'num_labels', None) if num_labels is None: # Calculate number of channels in the input label when not specified. num_labels = get_paired_input_label_channel_number(data_cfg) # Build the discriminator. kernel_size = getattr(dis_cfg, 'kernel_size', 3) num_filters = getattr(dis_cfg, 'num_filters', 128) max_num_filters = getattr(dis_cfg, 'max_num_filters', 512) num_discriminators = getattr(dis_cfg, 'num_discriminators', 2) num_layers = getattr(dis_cfg, 'num_layers', 5) activation_norm_type = getattr(dis_cfg, 'activation_norm_type', 'none') weight_norm_type = getattr(dis_cfg, 'weight_norm_type', 'spectral') print('\tBase filter number: %d' % num_filters) print('\tNumber of discriminators: %d' % num_discriminators) print('\tNumber of layers in a discriminator: %d' % num_layers) print('\tWeight norm type: %s' % weight_norm_type) num_input_channels = image_channels + num_labels self.discriminators = nn.ModuleList() for i in range(num_discriminators): net_discriminator = NLayerPatchDiscriminator( kernel_size, num_input_channels, num_filters, num_layers, max_num_filters, activation_norm_type, weight_norm_type) self.discriminators.append(net_discriminator) print('Done with the Multi-resolution patch discriminator initialization.') self.use_fpse = getattr(dis_cfg, 'use_fpse', True) if self.use_fpse: fpse_kernel_size = getattr(dis_cfg, 'fpse_kernel_size', 3) fpse_activation_norm_type = getattr(dis_cfg, 'fpse_activation_norm_type', 'none') self.fpse_discriminator = FPSEDiscriminator( image_channels, num_labels, num_filters, fpse_kernel_size, weight_norm_type, fpse_activation_norm_type) def _single_forward(self, input_label, input_image): # Compute discriminator outputs and intermediate features from input # images and semantic labels. input_x = (input_label, input_image), 1) output_list = [] features_list = [] if self.use_fpse: pred2, pred3, pred4 = self.fpse_discriminator(input_image, input_label) output_list = [pred2, pred3, pred4] input_downsampled = input_x for net_discriminator in self.discriminators: output, features = net_discriminator(input_downsampled) output_list.append(output) features_list.append(features) input_downsampled = nn.functional.interpolate( input_downsampled, scale_factor=0.5, mode='bilinear', align_corners=True) return output_list, features_list
[docs] def forward(self, data, net_G_output): r"""SPADE discriminator forward. Args: data (dict): - data (N x C1 x H x W tensor) : Ground truth images. - label (N x C2 x H x W tensor) : Semantic representations. - z (N x style_dims tensor): Gaussian random noise. net_G_output (dict): fake_images (N x C1 x H x W tensor) : Fake images. Returns: (dict): - real_outputs (list): list of output tensors produced by individual patch discriminators for real images. - real_features (list): list of lists of features produced by individual patch discriminators for real images. - fake_outputs (list): list of output tensors produced by individual patch discriminators for fake images. - fake_features (list): list of lists of features produced by individual patch discriminators for fake images. """ output_x = dict() output_x['real_outputs'], output_x['real_features'] = \ self._single_forward(data['label'], data['images']) output_x['fake_outputs'], output_x['fake_features'] = \ self._single_forward(data['label'], net_G_output['fake_images']) return output_x